message from the president

15 mai 2017

Message from the president

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This will be my last message to you, as after 5 great years in Paris, and 3 as the president of the CWGP, I'm "going back home".

I have never regretted getting involved in our association, and even though I sometimes faced difficulties, I always felt supported. This support makes all the difference in the world and contributes to the creation of solid links and growth! I lived very enriching experiences and developed abilities and competences I never thought I could acquire, all in a friendly and trusting atmosphere. This is why it is so important to me to thank all of you that have contributed to our successes in different ways and at every level, and especially to the other members of the Executive office. I also salute our activity's leaders, and all those that for so many years contributed to the success of the CWGP.  As I have already said: the best successes are collective, and I would add that there is no contribution that is too small.

I wish all the best to the new team that will take on this responsibility. Take pleasure in pursuing the mission of the CWGP and add your own 'brick to the building' in a kind and inclusive environment.

I encourage all of you to attend the General Assembly on June 12 so they can feel your support and to also say good bye to each other!

Louise Parent

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